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                                             Jeune Peau

          "Natures Path to Fine Esthetician Crafted Skin Care"

We specialize in all natural skin care products, that do not contain chemicals!  You will find here natural alternative treatments for sebaceous cysts or acne, effective anti-aging products for mature skin, and very gentle skin products for pregnant women. Our company makes a wonderful array of products in small batches to assure you the finest in esthetician formulated natural skin care.

 “Key Relief Skin Repair” and “Key Relief S-C Formula" are unique products that support your skins ability to effectively fight the bacteria associated with sebaceous cysts and acne. These products have actually given back self-esteem and confidence to excited customers who write us often! If you have less than perfect skin these products are a MUST have!

 “Time Reversal Cream” helps maturing skin recapture it’s youthful appearance and texture, assisting the skin to have a more firm and youthful appearance while preventing and reducing wrinkles.

 Our 100% natural products are formulated by our owner, Debbie Littlefield who is a Full-Specialist Esthetician. Her formulas reflect the properties and synergistic qualities of natural elements as well as their application in skin regeneration and healing powers that only nature can produce. Our products are effective and beneficial using only natures finest and potent ingredients giving your skin the boosting power it needs to repair itself.

  We love our Earth and the people in it! Our customers are very important to us and highly appreciated. Try our products! You deserve beautiful skin!

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 Here is a recent comment from one of our customers about our “Key Relief” products…..

 “This product line has CHANGED MY LIFE‼‼! I can’t thank you enough for what you do..I physically feel relief, but most importantly I feel emotional relief from the embarrassment of the Sebaceous Cysts! THIS PRODUCT IS A BLESSING! Thank you….Thank you SO much!” – B.R.

                Don’t live with embarrassing blemishes or dry tired skin!